Hotline Miami


Достижения в Hotline Miami

Combo Beginner
Perform a 4x combo
Combo Intermediate
Perform a 6x combo
Combo Pro
Perform a 8x combo
Combo Master
Perform a 10x combo
Combo King
Perform a 12x combo
The End?
That's It?
This Is It
Aced It
Get an A+ on any chapter
Get A Life
Get A+ on all the chapters
Kill 1989 enemies
Dog Lover
Kill 99 dogs
Let In Some Air
Destroy 200 glass panels
Nigel Lowrie
Use a human shield
Two Birds With One Stone
Kill two enemies with the same brick in one throw
Plain Luck
Kill three or more enemies with the same brick in one throw
Playing Pool
Kill an enemy with a brick bounced against a wall
Domino Effect
Throw a weapon at an enemy so that his weapon hits another
Zoo Keeper
Collect all the masks
Sounds of Animals Fighting
Wear all masks at least once
I Got New Friends
Unlock all weapons
Guns For Show
use all guns at least once
Knife For Pros
use all melee weapon at least once
use all throwing weapon at least once
Always On Top
Perform every ground kill in the game
These Are My Guns
Complete chapter five barehanded
Die 1000 times
Achievement Whore
Unlock all achievements
Smell Something Burning
Sewer Alligator
Cat Fight
60 To Car
Go to the car 60 times
Eye For Details
The Boss

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