You Must be 18 or Older to Enter


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Отзывов: 163 (84% положительных)

Операционные системы:   Windows  Mac OS  Linux

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You're alone at home in the 1990s, and you heard about grown-up websites at school. How deep can you dive into the Internet without being caught? Do you even like this stuff?

Ever miss the anxious feeling of being a kid exploring adult websites for the first time? We have good news for you! Through interactive fiction elements combined with ASCII styled art,You Must be 18 or Older to Enterblurs several genres together to bring you that exact terrifying experience.

You Must be 18 or Older to Enter is a short alternative text-based horror game.

Минимальные системные требования


  • ОС: 7
  • Процессор: 2 GHz
  • Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ
  • Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce 330 or higher
  • Место на диске: 2 GB

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