9 Balls


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Операционные системы:   Windows  Mac OS  Linux

Цена: 18,00 руб (30,00 руб Скидка: 40%)

"9 Balls" is a miniature game of billiards. The control is made by the mouse vutton and the spacebar. Use the mouse to aim and change the force of the impact and the spacebar to strike the cue on the ball.

9 balls (briefly)
In the "Nine" you play with a nine sighted balls, numbered from the first to the ninth, and jam. Balls should be played in order, from a smaller number to a larger one. The player who scored the ninth ball with the right blow, wins the game.

8 balls (briefly)
When playing the "Eight" use a cue ball and 15 sighted balls, numbered from 1 to 15. Before the player makes a hit on the ball number 8, all seven balls of his group (solid - with numbers from 1 to 7 or striped - from 9 to 15 ) must leave the table. The blows are made to order.

Минимальные системные требования


  • ОС: XP
  • Процессор: DualCore
  • Оперативная память: 512 MB ОЗУ
  • Видеокарта: 256mb
  • Место на диске: 65 MB

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